Monday, 31 January 2011


Co-operative D&D game, forthcoming from Bedlam Games. Interview at

Plays co-operatively online with up to four players, or single-player, or 'couch co-op' which is 2 co-located players.

Looks like playing online multi-player will work in one of two ways: you send invites to your desired playing companions, or you choose to host a public game that only starts once all four roles have been filled. Not disimilar to what we are proposing to do, which is something I've been worried about.

It's strongly based off the 4th edition rule book, but makes the move to live action rather than turn-based. I expect that's actually a marketing move as much as the 'passion of the developer team' - computer games support the live action and it makes sense to use that.

I'm not sure if each game is unique, or if you can keep your customised character between games. As it's not massively multiplayer and persistent as such (in much the same way as our game), would it make sense to transfer the levelled up players between game-runs? Also when you join a game, are you signed up for the duration, or could you play for 30 min and agree to meet up again later? Be interesting to see how successful this game is.  

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