Friday, 5 November 2010

Game start options

I tried playing a game called 'Campaign Game' ( to look at multi-player flash games, which had an interesting start-up setup.

Initially I was offered a choice between multi-player and single player modes - so having both is not uncommon or infeasible. Then when I got to the multi-player set up, it told me how many people were currently playing in how many games, and how many games were waiting to kick off. In a 'lobby' effectively. The other thing it allowed was the option to create or join a password protected game.

Those options appear to cover the following options rather well:

  1. You want to play alone.
  2. You want to play against someone else, but you don't care who. 
    1. A minimum number is required for a game.
    2. If a game is still in the right stage and below the maximum you could join an existing game.
  3. You want to play against your friends and only your friends. 

Sweet! Answers a few things I'd been struggling with how to design in!

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