Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Welcome to Energyville

Welcome to Energyville is a flash game that puts you in charge of supplying the energy needs for a city with a variety of mechanisms.

You have a picture of a city with lots of exclamation points all over it, indicating areas that need energy (see screenshot). Clicking on one of these gives you an idea of the percentage of the town's energy they use, and gives you the option of learning more - which gives you a detailed 'zoom in' on the area.

I found they gave me lots of written information that I couldn't be bothered to read as it seemed to have no game relevance. There didn't seem to be any indication of which technology would meet the requirements for the area, and so far as I could tell it seemed pretty random which areas got energy when I added some technology.

Likewise, the technology palette at the bottom of the screen gave me the option to learn more. Again, a text heavy screen was displayed that I couldn't be bothered to read. I have no real idea about how the different technologies impacted the three swing indicators on the right, and no clue how the scoring worked. I don't really know whether one option would be better or worse than the other?

In between levels you got the option to set your energy management policy, but I couldn't see this having any effect? Maybe I missed something. And then there were some random events which again seemed to generate lots of text for me to read, but didn't seem to have any immediate impact on my score, game play or whatever.

I really don't want to replay this one. Lesson learnt? Don't interrupt the game play with too much useless (within the context of the game) information. If you have a message, express it in the game play itself (e.g. make it really obvious what the implications are of the various technologies by letting them have a clear and explained effect!). Any links to further information should be left to the end...

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