Thursday, 4 November 2010

More than a feeling

Nacke, L. E., Grimshaw, M. N., & Lindley, C. A. (2010). More than a feeling: Measurement of sonic user experience and psychophysiology in a first-person shooter game, 22(5), 336-343. Elsevier B.V. Retrieved from

Paper reviews an experiment to link the effect of music and sound in games to qualitative measurements of the experience of playing to quantative measurements (via EMG and EDA). Also tries to reach some conclusions about the use of sound and music in games.

For me, I think it will be most useful as an initial start point for papers on designing experiments on game evaluation. Interesting to note that the qualitative measurements and quantitive measurements either didn't correlate or didn't correlate in the expected manner. Does that indicate that the quantitive measurements are not measuring the right thing?

This paper is the topic of the HCT reading group this week, so I'll probably have further notes on it after that discussion.

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